Zurvita Review – Is it Legit?

Zurvita review

The Zurvita name is known throughout the world when it comes to a health supplement MLM company. It may be very popular, but is it the best pick for you?  Check out this Zurvita Review to see if it is the right pick.

Zurvita Review

The products that Zurvita offers are very focused with the main selling nutritional supplements as protein products in the form of powders and shakes. However, this business also offers dietary supplements that are focused on a body cleanse and fat burning, as the detox product they offer. Also, the company offers a nutritional shake with the right amounts of significant vitamins and minerals.

The logic of this company is that they may not offer a lot of products but the ones they do have are the perfect way to combine losing weight and improving the health.

The Zurvita products certainly helped a lot of users. Most of that because the users came from unhealthy lifestyles and eating habits, and for those people seeing positive changes on their bodies is going fast for sure. But for people that already leads healthy lifestyles and is fitness active, seeing results from these products may not be quite as effective.

Zurvita Company Overview

URL – zurvita.com

Zurvita is a company that is based on a multi-level marketing as the main strategy. ThisZurvita review company offers to customers around the world nutritional supplements.

They started their business in the year 2008 by Mark and Tracy Jarvis. The company is known by their Cristian focused business. The location of this company is in Houston, Texas. The products of this company are selling in many countries around the world, as Canada, Dominican Republic, Australia, Germany, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom. Many representatives of their products can be reached in these countries.

In the last couple of years, the Zurvita’s earnings have grown up to 70 million dollars, making this company one of the most successful and popular multi-leveled marketing companies around the world.

Zurvita Products

The products offered by this company are categorized into 3 different groups. The Zeal group, the Protein group, and the Weight Management group.

The Zeal product supplement formulas are quite simple and affordable nutritional solutionsZurvita products for boosting energy, improving health issues, maintaining a healthy weight, and protecting the body. These products can be purchased in classic or vegan forms and they may come in different flavors. These formulas include many vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and micronutrients as a supplement to give the body fuel, higher energy levels, and manage healthier weight.

The Protein Zurvita products are supposed to contain one of the richest in nutrients and with great quality protein supplements. The benefits of using this kind of protein product by Zurvita are: building muscles, maintaining the bones strong, boosting the metabolism, repairing the tissue, and promoting a healthier heart. This protein supplement comes in two different flavors, vanilla, and chocolate. The product is a good idea for busy people that need replacement meal on to go. With adding water or milk in a shaker bottle or creating a protein smoothie using this supplement and adding some fruit in it.

The Weight Management created by this company offers a program of combined nutritional supplements and training as the best guidance for reaching the health and fitness body goals. This weight management program starts with their all in one product – Zeal, and continues including the Zurvita protein, the Zurvita cleanse, and the Zurvita burn. All of these products combined in one program with additional inspiring and motivating elements are contained in this weight management program to give the customers the best health and fitness results using this company’s products.

Zurvita Compensation plan

Zurvita Compensation plan

When the consultants start working for Zurvita, they have a $35 enrollment fee with plus $30 more a month. They get their own website and take care of the product shipment to their customers.

The consultant can join only with the website, and that package costs $29.95 a month but with this package, there are no commissions. There are few ways for making a commission.

With enrolling a new consultant that purchases either Builder Pak, Quick Start Pak, or Quick Start Pak – Wellness. From that sale, the commission goes up to 20%.

Getting a team bonus. The team can make $3,000 of business sales and get $1000. From this, the consultant gets about $400.

With own personal sale. The commission for this is 20%.

Through overrides. This depends on the ranking and it goes about 5% on every level down to eight levels.

With other bonuses like getting the Wellness Pak for free, the Refer 4, or the car program.

Zurvita Review – Is It Legit?

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