Youngevity Review – Is It Legit?


I’m sure you have heard of Youngevity and the health products that they provide

You’re probably here because you are interested in becoming a Youngevity distributor, but you’re just not sure if it’s right for you.

This Youngevity review should provide all of the information you will need to make the correct decision.

Youngevity Overview

Youngevity sells complementary nutrients and derivative products for human well-being. They sell thousands of dietary solutions compiled in many shapes and features on boxes. Offering healthy packages and guidance called the “flagship products” for sellers. The company chooses the fetish number of 90 as the roots of the system. This figure refers to the proportion of essential nutrients to distinguish a healthy person.  It refers also the percentage of nutrients a person cannot digest normally, and finally, it is the name packaged guidance to treat the lack the “90 for life”.

Almost their activities focused their efforts to capitalize on the benefits of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fatty acids and amino acids. Until now, they have been developing many articles and derivatives to prevent disease and increase human longevity.

Youngevity Company information


Youngevity is an American company located in Chula Vista in California. The founder, John D. Wallach found this business opportunity due to benefits of selenium and other minerals band advised it as the raw materials of the supplements. It concentrates their efforts to sell nutritional supplement products and they apply the system of Multi-Level Marketing to share their businesses.

Wallach founded Youngevity in 1995, and set up the business due to the research result of selenium elements and other mineral advantages in human health. They establish their headquarters at Chula Vista in San Diego (CA), and have subsidiary outside in Europe, Asia and Oceania. Their goal is to improve human well-being by advice a regular healthy diet and lifestyle conservation to pull out negative energies. It has become very famous due to the featured number package of “90 for life”.

This flagship product proposes the diet guidance of 90 days. They have developed many  diets that help people daily need such as health care advice, beauty treatment, food and beverage and lifestyle components trend to shape the youngevity community. Accordingly, the pyramidal marketing system and seller compensation for any level of distributors pushes the brands to be ranked an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and receive certification from NSF international.

Youngevity Products

The products are divided into four categories:

Youngevity products

  • Health and wellness – They are a special combination nutrients for athletes and healthy box to lose weight
  • Beauty and care – These are essential oil benefits of skin, hair and body conservation
  • Food and beverage – Add nutrients elements into most favorite drinks such as coffee, energy drinks on daily basic food
  • Home and family – These product are universe for plants, suppressor solutions, animal pet and printed pictures book to remember the best moment of life

Youngevity Compensation Plan

Youngevity compensation plan

Because Youngevity adopts the business plan to sell product using Multi-Level Marketing, they give a little amount of money to motivate independent distributors.

The first direct distributors pay $25 for subscription fee. Once it has accepted, they have 10 different ways to earn money up to 30% commissions and 30% of starting bonuses. After sharing the business into other independent distributors, the first retailer increases its income again between 5 and 8% of group contractors.

In addition, the company offer numerous of financial package and adjustment to motivate active retailers such as monthly free products, dream cars, luxury vacation and percentage revenue. But, if the retailer chooses another starting package, for example the CEO pack, they can earn much more money.

There are wide range of commissions on each period of selling depend on the weekly, monthly or year basis. Finally, each independent contractor can define a winning strategy and framework in their own to sell nutrients.

Youngevity Review – Is it Legit?

Even though Youngevity gains notoriety in the health industry and to expand throughout America, in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Oceania.

They have one large issue that prevents a lot of people from having success…

The company did not offer basic training to sell products and leave retailers alone in their businesses.

For new marketers, this should be a deal breaker.

Based on my years in MLM companies, training should be the number 1 priority for companys

Without that most will fail..

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