Yoonla Review – Is It Legit Or Scam?



If you have been following me, you know that I’ve spent the last few years trying to find the best ways to make money online. I recently stumbled upon the free system called Yoonla CPA Foundation.  I signed up and wanted to post my complete Yoonla review.

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There are a lot of systems available, most ranging from $27 to $2000…

It surprised me that this one is being offered for free.

So I was pretty skeptical when I signed up for Yoonla.

yoonla review

What Yoonla is All About?

Yoonla basically is a two tiered CPA based affiliate program where you make money once any one of the two actions are performed.

  1. Anyone can sign up for Yoonla (using your affiliate link) for free
  2. Person upgrades to VIP member

So this is what two tiered means when it comes to Yoonla. You earn commission when the user signs up for the program as well as when your referral upgrades and becomes a VIP member.

Before going into the details of this program, let’s talk about who actually is the owner or creator of this program.


Who is the founder of Yoonla?

The founder of Yoonla is Reno Van Boven lives in New Zealand Reno is a seasoned Digital Entrepreneur and internet marketer with quite a few successful online marketing projects under his belt since 2006.  Yoonla was launch in 2016 and has been picking up steam throughout 2017.


How Yoonla works?

As I mentioned before, it’s a straightforward system. Someone signs up through a landing page that looks like this.  Once they confirm their account, they will have access to the steps to set everything up.  Then the user just has to drive traffic to the system to make money.

Yoonla also provides a VIP option where they will set everything up for you and provide an affiliate link for higher commissions. Access to the VIP area is free when you sign up for hosting and the autoresponder through the links they provide.  You will need both of these item to be successful online, so VIP is really a no brainer in this case.

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What Advantages Does Yoonla Provide

Yoonla is really the perfect starting point for people that are new to the industry. They evenyoonla scam set everything up for you if you sign up for VIP.

The system provides a great, already done for you platform to help you get leads and start making profits quickly

If anything that can be considered priceless in any business it surely must be your leads. Without them, it is hard to thrive and succeed and when it comes to the online world, these leads come in the form of email addresses.

Another great thing about Yoonla is that it provides series of training videos to get started and tells you how you can capture new leads. That’s not it. Yoonla also provides you with 3 digital products to promote so that it becomes easier for you to get the email addresses of the visitors.

Of course, people are more likely to give their email addresses when you offer them something in return and Yoonla takes care of your part of the bargain by giving away 3 digital products about marketing.


Is there any cost of joining Yoonla?

Nope. Not at all. The system is completely free!

I know, what’s the catch?

Just like any online business there is some investments that you will have to most likely make in order to reap the maximum benefits of this program.

You will need a domain, website hosting and an autoresponder.

These are things that all online marketers will need no matter what system you decide to go with. So it is a cost that you need to consider.

Yoonla does provide links to reputable sources for domain names, website hosting and an autoresponder that integrates into their system. The costs are pretty cheap also.


How much do the VIP items cost?

Again, to get started, you need to invest nothing. The investment only needs to be made ifyoonla you want to be more effective.

So the total investment that you need to make can be sum up as follows:

  1. Domain = Free with Web hosting
  2. Web Hosting = USD $5.99/month (but this is subject to change)
  3. Get Response Auto Responder = USD $15.00/month

Let’s suppose you buy a domain and web hosting for a year and sign up for Get Response to pay on monthly basis. In yearly terms, your total investment will be:

$71.88 ($5.99 x 12 months) + $180 ($15.00 x 12) = $251.88 for the year!

If you divide them with 12 months, your monthly investment will be:

$251.88 / 12 months = $20.99 per month

That’s not much. Right? Especially when you see the benefits that you will get in return.


Yoonla Commission Plan?

The amount of money depends on the country from which you are getting your leads to sign up.

In Yoonla there are 3 categories.

Countries with maximum ($4) lead commission

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Australia
  4. New Zealand
  5. Canada
  6. Ireland

Countries with zero (0) lead commissions

  1. India
  2. Pakistan
  3. Nigeria
  4. Zambia
  5. Zimbabwe
  6. Niger
  7. Uganda
  8. Vietnam

The above countries will not generate any CPA lead commissions however, this does not mean that you cannot become a member if you are from one of these countries. You surely can. Secondly, you will get commission if the person from any of these countries sign up and become VIP.

Countries with moderate ($2) lead commission

Any country which is not in the above two lists will generate you around $2 per member lead.

When some signs up for the VIP program, you will receive between $20 and $30 in addition to the lead commission.

Big claims, but very little results:

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What is the minimum payout?

Currently $199, but seems to change monthly. After a particular cycle when all the leads are evaluated for their legitimacy, commissions are credited to one’s account.


What is Yoonla’s Payment Method?

Yoonla currently pays only through Paypal but soon they will be utilizing other payment methods as well.


Yoonla Review – The Verdict

what is yoonla

Overall I’ve had a lot of success and been paid out over $1000 in the first month!

I’ll update you again in a few months.

The results speak for themselves

Overall this looks legit!

Click here to Get Start!

You don’t want to miss out on $4 for every lead!!!





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