Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is it Legit or a Pyramid Scam?

Wealthy Affiliate review

In the last few years, one of the most popular internet marketing networks has developed fast and become a leader in their area – Wealthy Affiliate. This network provides education and services to help you build an affiliate business. The Wealthy Affiliate review below will help you decide if this is the right network for you or just another scam.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate reviewWealthy Affiliate is a multi-level marketing online community. This community has more about 100 thousand members and a training center. Founded by Kyle and Carson, in the year 2005, the community is becoming one of the high-rated resources and has built a great reputation for their brand.

The community offers services as an online business and digital marketing. The community offers many programs and services to help people develop an online business. With a clear plan of action, training levels for beginner and advanced, video training as courses and tutorials, interactive help from expert members, an environment free of spams, no up-sells ever, and completely free membership, this community has for sure got on top as an internet marketing network.

As an online program, Wealthy Affiliate is the first community that becomes an online business community that offers marketing training center.

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

Wealthy Affiliate offers many products, services and programs for digital marketing and online business, helping people get into the online business world and teaching them what they need to know with their multi-level marketing strategies.

To start building an online business is a lonely and hard work. It’s difficult and almost impossible to find people to help you with your issues. Wealthy Affiliate community, with their programs and services, is created for reason.

Joining the online community built by Wealthy Affiliate, allows you to connect with other member that are building an online business. Using the help of experienced members, the services, and programs this community offers, they can develop their online business without troubles and confusions.

For newbies in the online business world, Wealthy Affiliate programs and services are offering a course for beginners, two websites that look good and hosting for the websites, trainings through videos, expert training for different types of online marketing, and premium level certification courses for up to 60 lessons.

Certainly, Wealthy Affiliate offers knowledge through many programs and services, that is highly-valuable for start-up online business. Most importantly, all the services and programs offered by this community are completely free.

Available programs and services

Wealthy Affiliate Education is a training platform that uses training strategies for beginners and newbies to help them create and develop their online business.

Live Classes, Live Chat, Live Interaction, and Life Expert Help, are the main components ofwealthy affiliate process this education trainings. With about 50 different live classes through the whole year, this WA education is task oriented to take members step by step through strategies and techniques, to make them webmasters.

The training offered by this business platform is oriented to teach how to make money from ideas and interests. Without any experience or required products, this training platform is suitable for all people interested in the online business world. The education goes live, the members can directly communicate and engage through the lessons.

SiteRubix website platform, a platform offered by Wealthy Affiliate that has the right tools to create a solid foundation for the member’s online business to start growing and develop. Using this platform, not only that is created the foundation of the online business, also, the website gets the right management, security, and ranking. This platform allows the members to create their website within a few minutes and focus their energy on the main aspects of their online business. With more than 3 thousand of templates, members can easily create beautiful websites for their business. Monitoring the websites 24/7 and getting a high security for the businesses, is offered by the platform of this community to protect member’s business. Creating the business website on this platform enables for the business to rank high on search engines for sure.

WordPress Hosting offered by Wealthy Affiliate allows business to feel highly protected and secured. This community has 25 their own domains and plus 25 free websites, helping members to create new businesses or grow their existing business. Their hosting platform has 1.3 seconds of average page load time, that is quite fast for websites to run optimally constantly. Double hosting with this platform to protect the members of any kind of trouble with their website with always having back up. Also, several layers of security protect the business constantly. Hosting advanced services has 24 hours of backup for any site’s issue.

SiteDomains platform by Wealthy Affiliate is a feature that could help uncover any domain within a few seconds. With more than 42 thousand of top level domains available, offers quick domain research and access to top level domains. No up sells, with 13.99 per year for access every kind of domain information included. With this domain platform, all user’s personal information and details are highly protected from spammers and scammers. The domains are ready in a few minutes for building a website. On other domain registers, users must pay extra to get all the features but this domain platform offers all the features at the highly affordable price.

Community Help Services by Wealthy Affiliate are reachable 24/7 for any kind of issue with the website.

Wealthy Affiliate Compensation Plan

As a member of this community, users can choose from free started membership or premium membership. The free starter membership is a good choice for starting the education about the online business but to unlock all services and programs for advancing wealthy affiliate costin this community education, the member must have a premium membership.

Using the free starter membership, the user gets only 7 days of the premium support. To grow the online business and benefit from the programs and services the member must have the premium support constantly for help and support live, hosting the websites 24/7, website backup and security, premium courses and training, bonus offers, and much more.

On one hand, there are many benefits of becoming a member as a free start, helpful for newbies in the online business, premium membership for only 19$ the first month, and without the need to sell WA to others except if the member wants to. On the other hand, this educational community requires investing a lot of time in the training, for advances they must start with the premium package because the free support won’t help them, without guarantying the money back if the user is not satisfied, the user can be kicked out because of spamming.


Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is It Legit or a Scam?

Can you make money with Wealthy Affiliate… sure

But it’s not as easy as they make it out to be

You have to do hours, weeks, months of training before you are able to start anything

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