Paycation Travel Review – Is It Legit or a Pyramid Scam?


The number of people who travel worldwide has been increasing year over year. Technological advancement and the advent of the internet have added fuel to the fire. The travel industry is an 8 trillion-dollar industry now. There are a number of online travel sites, but there are very few companies like Paycation Travel that offer everyone a slice of the pie. Let’s take look at the Paycation and explore the chances of earning money by joining its multi-level marketing business in this Paycation review

Paycation Review:

Paycation provides the opportunity for anyone to join their MLM business and earn money by acting as a Certified Travel Consultant (CTC). One can work full time or part time and earn extra money as well. They provide all the necessary tools, training, and support in setting up your own business.

Apart from travel options, they also sell natural nootropic supplements that boost mood, energy, and appetite. These varieties of supplements also help in boosting your productivity and help in recharging yourself. They also sell energy drinks and mosquito repellent capsules as part of their online shopping. However, the main focus of this article would be in the MLM business.

Paycation Company Information:

pacation travel


There was a company called as Traverus which was rebranded as Paycation Travel. The company has been around for more than 5 years now. David Manning is the CEO and Mark Campese is the president and both have good experience in the industry. For training purpose, they use XStream travel who have more than a decade of experience in professional training a person to be a travel agent.

Paycation positions themselves as an alternate to the many public sites that are available online where one can easily book flights and hotels. By doing a marriage of MLM and travel agency they make a difference by positioning anyone to become a travel agent and earn easily both by working as well as by adding more people into the scheme.

The company works on a 3×7 matrix and the key differentiator from normal MLM schemes is that here the matrix is also filled by people above you.

How does it work?

Well, it is quite simple; all you have to do is register with Paycation with an appropriate reference. Once you register, you need to undergo training and get certified. There is a joining fee and monthly fee that have to be paid. They would help you in setting up your business and then, you are all set. You need to start finding people who would join the scheme under you and also cater to regular customers and help them plan their travel.

Complete vacation packages, air travel, hotel bookings, cruise booking and car rental services are offered by Paycation Travel. You can offer these to your customers and get paid a commission on the bookings. The bonus is also paid depending on the rank that one gets.

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Paycation Compensation Plans:

Before getting into the compensation there is some cost, nothing comes for free. There is a joining fee of $79.95 and a monthly fee of $59.95.

Paycation Travel offers much compensation like:

Personal sales: Here you get a commission on the sales that you make and also when a new member joins your hierarchy.

Check match bonus: You get an equal bonus when a person directly under you gets a bonus.

Diamond Team Bonus: Based on your ranking and growth in the matrix you get this bonus. When the size of your team is about 300, you can expect a monthly income of $1000. This will grow up to $250,000 depending on the growth of your team.

There are still many more bonuses depending on the number of people who join your hierarchy and the direct sales that you make. Thus, a person who works this like a normal business and who can add more people to their hierarchy can really benefit a lot from these compensation packages. It is more beneficial if one adds people who also have similar interest and willingness to work under them.

Thus, more than seeing whether Paycation is real or scam one should introspect whether this scheme is right for them.

Paycation Travel Review Verdict – Legit or Pyramid Scam?

Paycation is a very select market.  How many people are booking more than 2 vacations in 1 year.  So you will have to grow a very large customer list in order to have a regular income.

If you have travel experience or expect to travel a lot in the near future, it may be a good pick for you.

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