MCA Work From Home Reviews – Is it a Pyramid Scheme

mca review

MCA Review

I’m sure you have heard of the $80 per sale opportunity by Motor Club of America.  The question is, “Is it legit?”  Here is my MCA Review with all the details and my verdict!

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mca work from home

Name: Motor Club of America
Price: $39.95 upfront fee pays for two months in advance,  $20/month or more
Owners: Mr. Virgil Coffee, Larry Melton, and David Kircher
Overall Rank: 4 out of 5 stars

Turn $40 into $80 this week! Get 200% ROI. Get paid every Friday!”

You may have heard through on Craigslist, Social Media sites, job sites, YouTube, websites, etc.

I will provide a full MCA review and let you know if the MCA work from home opportunity is legit!


Motor Club Of America – What Is MCA?


Since 1926, Motor Club of America has been providing insurance and roadside assistance to the general public across the United States and Canada. They offer benefits and services to with their members.

With membership plans from Motor Club of America, we provide the protection you deserve when the unexpected occurs at home and on the road.

Not only do you get the best in emergency road services at your fingertips, you have the added advantage of personal accident coverage and emergency benefits, plus discounts on prescription drugs, dental care and vision.

With over 86 years of experience, MCA knows how to provide the best in customer care while offering a variety of options that best suits your individual needs.

Motor Club of America is NOT auto insurance. It is a supplement to assist you in everyday life occurrences that are typically not covered or under covered by traditional auto insurance plans. For as little as 33 cents a day or $9.95 a month, you too can share in these wonderful benefits.

Never again will you leave your destination with worry if you are covered with MCA. Most people feel they have these wonderful benefits with their current plans. I recommend that you read your plan fully and you will see that MCA not only offers more, but it is an excellent addition to your coverage/financial portfolio for ten plus reasons.


Motor Club Of America – Membership Services:

  • Emergency Road Assistance
  • Towing Services
  • Emergency Travel and Expenses
  • Discount on Legal Services for Moving Violations
  • Discount Legal Service for Vehicular Manslaughter and Auto Assault and Battery
  • Legal Services for Auto Accident Related Personal Injuries
  • Legal Services for Vehicle Damages
  • $5,000 Stolen Vehicle Reward
  • $500 Stolen Farm and Ranch Equipment Reward
  • Touring and Traveling Services
  • Membership Card (Actual Card coming under separate cover)
  • Key Medallion/Lost Key Return Program
  • Auto Decal (Actual Decal coming under separate cover)
  • Discounts on Vision, Prescriptions and Dental (Actual Card coming under separate cover)
  • Discounts on Hotel/Motel and Car Rental

Motor Club Of America – Is MCA Legit?

I did my research online and of course check out the better business mca scambureau and there is a positive rating for the company and I’ve searched the internet and found mostly positive reviews.  When you have been in business as long as they have, you would expect to see a few negative reviews.  I believe this MCA review speaks for it’s self!

So is Motor Club of America a Scam? Honestly…no. I do not think Motor Club Of America is a scam. Matter of fact I believe it is a pretty good business. I’ve talked to a lot of people that have used their products and have made a great deal of money from the system.  So I really don’t think they are a scam.

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The MCA Compensation Plan

Representatives can make money either through the direct sales of the benefits and from team sales overrides.

If you recruit a new MCA Total Security Club Membership member, it would earn you $39.90 upfront and $79.80 in advanced commissions. You also earn $6 from each rep in your downline and $0.66 for each member in your entire downline.

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MCA Products

Motor Club of America membership levels on the TVC Matrix website have five membership plans:

MCA Security Price: $9.95
MCA Security Plus Price: $14.95
The MCA Total Security Price: $19.95
MCA Total Security Gold Price: $29.99
MCA Total Security Platinum Price: $39.99

Other vendors that appear on this website is TVC Pro- Driver for commercial vehicle coverage

Pro-Driver 4885 Plan Price: $48.85
Pro-Driver Green Plus Price: $31.90

Motor Club of America also claims to offer emergency roadside assistance and many other benefits including trip planning travel discounts, bail bonds, lawyer fees, stolen vehicle reward, travel assistance reimbursement, credit card protection, farm equipment reward, prescription dental and vision discounts, travel assistance program, emergency room benefit, daily hospital benefit to replace your income, and accidental death benefits.


How Much Does It Cost To Start An MCA Work From Home Business?

This is opportunity is only available to people living in the United States & Canada.

Other costs that you may be told to pay for include:

  • Registering a domain name, $6-$10 a year, NameCheap is what I normally recommend
  • Autoresponder(Automation) Aweber is currently the top email autoresponder and they offer a 14 day free trial – If you create your own sales funnel
  • Internet Marketing Training- MCA doesn’t provide training so you’ll have to look other places for this.  The costs could range anywhere from $99 to $9,999.

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Can You Make Money with MCA?

Is Motor Club of America a pyramid scheme…  No it’s been around long enough to prove that

The answer is yes… but you need to know what you are doing.

It’s not ideal for beginners because there is no training offered and the opt in site they provide is outdated.

You will need to know a lot about creating your own funnels to get this one make you money :-/

If you have that experience, than go for it.  You CAN make money!

But those that aren’t an expert should look at other options for now

Also most states require you to get a state license for MCA, so that an additional cost and time

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