LuLaRoe Consultant Review – Compensation Plan Worth the Startup Cost?


LuLaRoe is known for their unique leggings with endless designs. But are they a good MLM opportunity?  How much does it cost to become a lularoe consultant?  Is the compensation plan worth the startup cost?  Read through my LuLaRoe Consultant Review for all of the information that you will need to decide.

LuLaRoe Review

LuLaRoe is a rapidly growing company that specializes in women’s apparel. Their lularoe juliacatchphrase is ‘’simply comfortable’’, and according to its users, the clothing line is truly comfortable and fashionable, blending two of the most important views in the day-to-day fashion industry.

Since it was founded less than 4 years ago, this company has released thousands and thousands of new products each month, thus creating an important network of people who are willing and expectant of their products in order to buy, sell or simply give away as gifts!

They creates around 400 designs daily, which is a key selling point for those who want to become consultants for the brand. This company started creating their own prints and fabrics and therefore they market their designs as unique. There are some rapid-selling products, called ‘Unicorns’. From skirts to kimonos, to t-shirts, LuLaRoe is taking the fashion world by surprise by selling a high variety of products online or through the ‘pop-up boutiques’, therefore increasing the volume of products being sold.

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LuLaRoe Company Overview


LuLaRoe is a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) company model based in the U.S, founded in 2012 by Deanne Brady. Their products include a wide range of clothing, making it the first company of its kind. LuLaRoe recruits independent distributors to sell their products through ‘pop-up shops’ (usually set up in the consultant’s houses) or through social media.

LuLaRoe Styles

They specializes in women’s apparel and since the beginning of the company, they have sold a wide range of clothing styles.

  • Denim Jackets: Know as the Jaxon or Harveylularoe styles
  • Shirts: Classic T, Lynnae, Perfect T, Gigi, which allows you to choose from a classic t-shirt with round neck, or a more comfortable baseball styled t-shirt.
  • Kimonos: Monroe, Lindsay, Bianka and Shirley, which you can choose from a variety of lengths, colours and fabrics.
  • Dresses:  Also known as the LulaRoe Julia (it has knee length with mid-length sleeves and a high neckline, which makes it a simple yet sophisticated silhouette), Carly, Lularoe Amelia, Nicole and the Ana, which is a floor-length knit maxi dress, first of its kind
  • Vest tops: Joy.
  • Tunic: Irma.
  • Cardigan: Sarah.

They also have three types of Adult Leggings which is what the brand is most well-known for (the Ade, the Jordan and the regular fitting ones, which they claim feel like butter due to its softness).

lularoe ameliaFor children, they have: Skirts, kids’ cardigan, dresses, t shirts and kids’ leggings. LuLaRoe introduced a new apparel section for men, currently only selling some T shirts.

LuLaRoe sizing ranges in women’s sizes from XXS to 3XL, which would be a size 24-26. This means that their clothing line is made to flatter all body types. In fact, their leggings are only in two different versions, ‘One size fits all’ which fits sizes 2-10, and Tall & Curvy, which is for sizes 12-22.

LuLaRoe Compensation Plan

lularoe compensation plan

As of July 2017, a new compensation plan has been introduced, was it establishes that clothing can only be purchased through direct distributors who have previously purchased from the wholesale LuLaRoe inventory. A LulaRoe consultant are required to buy marketing materials and clothing which can cost between $4,925 and $9,000.

Consultants are then compensated from two different ways: the first revenue can come up from the direct sales they make (by having a ‘pop-up boutique or selling online), or, they could earn a commission based on the sales made by ‘down the line’ consultants, meaning that initial consultants recruit new members of the team, and these new members will then sell and create a commission to the older consultant.

When a person joins in, they become a Fashion Consultant. For them to move up, they have to become a Sponsor by completing 10 home pop ups boutiques and generating at least $10,000 in retail sales per calendar month and receive a 5% override of the wholesale value of the retail sales of anyone sponsored by the retailer.

They will then become a Trainer: the requirement is to have at least 3-10 Sponsored Fashion Consultants, at least 10 Fashion Consultants, personally sell around 175 pieces per calendar month but collectively they have to sell around 1,750 pieces of clothing (or $50,000).

After this, Trainers will receive small percentages of earnings coming from the retailers underneath them. You can then become a Coach by sponsoring at least 3 enrolled Retailers, and lead 10 retailers on their team, and you must have 3 first level Trainers or above. The collective sales must be at least $50,000 and 1750 pieces must be sold per calendar month.

Lastly, you can become a Mentor when you meet all Coach Requirements, hold 6 leadership legs and have at least 3 Coaches under your ladder. You will still receive some percentages on the earnings made by all those above you.

Moreover, Trainers, Coaches and Mentors will accumulate points for their Leadership Pool Requirements, which means they could earn up to 2% of gross retail sales based on the whole sale price.

LuLaRoe Consultant Review – Is It Legit?

There is no doubt that some people are making money as a LuLaRoe consultant

If you have a passion for women’s clothing, they may be a good option for you

From my experience I do see a limit with the ability to scale this MLM opportunity

The company provides a wide variety of patterns that are constantly changing, which is great for the customers

But limiting for the consultants

You can only promote what you have in hand, not the limitless selection

Some consultants are doing a good job at utilizing social media, but it’s very time consuming to continuously update your available inventory.

This reduce the opportunity to automate and scale your business

Because of this I don’t believe it’s the best option for those looking the top MLM


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