LegalShield Associate Review – The truth on if it’s Legit or a Scam?

Legal Shield

For those of you that are looking for a unique MLM company, LegalShield may be right for you. As it may be obvious with the name, they provide legal services with the MLM opportunity. Below is my LegalShield review to see if this is the best option for you

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LegalShield Review

Legal Shield offers a wide variety of Legal Products, ranging from:

  • Legal Advice
  • Traffic-Related Issues
  • Trial Defense
  • Letters and Calls made on the behalf of the client
  • Preparation of Legal Documents and Contracts (up to 10 pages)
  • 24/7 Emergency Access
  • IRS Audit Assistance,
  • Online Legal Forms
  • Direct Lawyer’s intervention such as preparing Wills or helping with Healthcare Power or Attorney

LegalShield Corporation Information

Legal Shield

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Formerly known as Pre-Paid Legal, Legal Shield is a corporation that sells legal professional advice and services through products which are directly sold by its representatives, in the U.S and Canada. The company was founded in 1972, after his founder Harland Stonecipher was involved in a car accident. The initial name was ‘Sportsman’s Motor Club’, but in 1976 was changed to Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

As the name suggests, LegalShield offers pre-paid legal service plans, which means that independent attorneys from the country sign up on a network and start offering their services through promotion of the products. Since 1980 though, clients are redirected to the specific lawyer that will handle their case, instead of being able to choose the professional to attend their problems.

What is a LegalShield Associate?

LegalShield is one of the first companies to be created under the Pre-Paid Legal Advice System. Throughout their history, Legal Shield has offered legal and sound advice to its customers, allowing individuals from all sorts of income to receive a professional aid when needed.

LegalShield associates help promote these products and recruit more associates to the company.

LegalShield Products

Personal Plans:

LegalShield sells a variety of products and services to customers. They usually are provided as a specific plan paid. The price is almost $20 per calendar month.

Consultation: Such as letters, phone calls, document review (up to 10 pages) and trial defense.

Document Preparation: Wills, powers of attorney, loan documents.

Vehicle: Traffic violations and accidents. The client must have a valid driver’s license and is driving a licensed motor vehicle.

Family Matters: Assistance with a Name Change, adoption, divorce and more.

IRS: Audit Services.

ID Plan: Single credit monitoring and restoration services.

Small Business Plans:

Legal Consultation in regard to debt collection, contract review, trial defense services, disputes with landlords, etc. These plans are then customized according to the business’s needs.

The client must keep in mind that there are many limitations to the legal services provided by Legal Shield, especially for the people who pay a smaller range monthly for their products. This usually means that if a customer wants to have a document made, or revised, and it is greater than 10 pages. Or in the case of needing more legal advice in the form of calls or e-mails, the legal service will recommend a certain amount to be made.  If there is still a need to cover, then additional costs may apply.

LegalShield Compensation Plan

A LegalShield Associate is paid an advanced amount of money as a commission for the first full and active year of their services, so, when a customer signs up for a new membership, the associate will receive this commission. There are, however, some rules to follow. For example, the consumer cannot cancel their service during the first year. If the clientlegal shield compensation plan requires cancellation of their account, Legal Shield will take back part of the commission the associate was paid.

LegalShield Associate must have an active Associate Agreement in order to be eligible to receive such commissions. For this, associates must maintain an active membership with the company and recruit three other clients to the membership program per calendar quarter. If the Associate does not comply with these rules, then the Agreement will be placed in a pre-cancelation status for a couple of months. If the Associate would like to continue working with the company they must reinstate their personal Legal Shield membership, or sell six personal memberships. This will automatically restore their memberships.

In addition, there are actually six levels of LegalShield Associate to the company.  The amount of revenue each makes depends on their status.

When you sign up you become a Junior Associate, you can earn up to $50 per sale after having reached five personal sales.

You then become a LegalShield Associate, which can earn up to $75 per sale. You need to have three personal sales under your belt, and one personal recruit. If this is too much, you could get to this level by sponsoring two recruits, but keeping in mind that both of them need to have made five sales in their first 30 days of working for the company.

You can only then reach the Senior Associate level, which entitles you to up to $100 per sale. You can achieve this by recruiting three active Junior Associates (their collective sales need to be 30 in total). For you to become a manager, you need to have three Associates and 100 or more Organization sales. You could be earning up to $125 per sale. The Director is the next level, making up to $150 per sale. You need to have three Active Senior Associates and a total of 200 sales.

And lastly, if you want to become an Executive Director on the company, you need to have 50 sales, minimum, as a director, and at least 20 sales from any single team member in your organization. On this level, you could be earning up to $182.50 per sale.

Check out this video on the legal shields compensation plan. Please keep in mind that it is created by the corporation so it’s a little biased.

Legal Shield Review – Truth if it’s Legit or a Scam

Is Legal Shield legit?


But is it the best MLM available?

I would say it is the best legal MLM available…

But in my personal opinion it is not the top MLM that I would recommend to my followers

There is a lot of pressure to recruit or you lose your status

So if you have a bad quarter or are slow in learning the system. It can put you really behind.


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