Juice Plus Review – Is It Legit?

juice plus review

The Juice Plus opportunity has been around for years now which has some people asking, “Has it been around too long?” And is it too late to join and bee successful?  This Juice Plus review will help you answer those questions if you’re looking into this option.

Juice Plus Review

Juice plus products are mainly made from fruits and vegetables. They include chewable supplements, capsules, pills, and powdered drink mixes. The products contain 17 distinct grains, fruits and vegetables. They are distributed through multi-level marketing and independent distributors. Some of the fruits included in Juice plus products are apples, oranges, pineapples, cranberries, acerola cherries, peaches, dates, papayas and plums.

Juice Plus Company information

URL – juiceplus.com

Juice plus is a world-wide health and wellness company with a goal of inspiring healthyjuice plus living around the world. It is located in Collierville, Tennessee which is a suburb of Memphis in the United States of America. It was begun by Jay Martin the founder of the National Safety Associates (NSA) in 1970. This was a company with a goal of making lives better and safer by producing fire and smoke detectors.

In 1980 it was expanded to produce air and water filtration systems. It was not until 1993 that Juice plus was introduced and since then the company has greatly developed and as well expanded in terms of the products it produces.

This multi-million dollar company operates in twenty countries. Its mission is to sell products that make life better in real and tangible ways. It sales its products online through virtual franchising, direct sales and network marketing. Its independent distributors make money both from their sales and from those people they recruit.

Its core values are authenticity, longevity, quality, community, simplicity and being approachable.

Juice Plus Products

The core products produced by Juice plus are fruit, vegetable, grain and berry supplements, either in capsule or chewable form.

It offers orchard and garden blend capsules in the following categories:

  • Orchard and garden blend chewable mainly for adultsjuice plus products
  • The Orchard, garden and vineyard blend capsules
  • Orchard and garden blend capsules
  • Vineyard blend capsules
  • Complete French vanilla
  • Complete Dutch chocolates

All the above come down to three main blends with the following ingredients:

  • Orchard blend from fruits like apple, peach, cranberry, pineapple, prune, dates and beet.
  • Garden blend obtained from vegetables such as broccoli, parsley, tomato, garlic, beet, carrot, cabbage, oat bran, kale and rice bran
  • Vineyard blend from berries like black currant, pomegranate, elder berry, cran berry, Concord grape, artichoke, cocoa, rasp berry, bilberry and blue berry.

The products are only obtained from fresh fruits and vegetables. These are then juiced and concentrated into powder form using exclusive drying procedure that preserves nutrient quality through temperature control.

Other products produced by Juice plus are meal replacement shakes, soups and bars.

Benefits of Using Juice plus products

By using Juice plus products you will definitely experience reduced cholesterol. The products have an ingredient called oat bran which provides dietary fiber which is commonly known for reducing cholesterol levels, mainly the levels of bad cholesterol.

The products greatly help to reduce appetite. Especially the fiber from oat bran increases the feelings of fullness. This fiber helps to slow the absorption of sugar which in turn stabilizes blood sugar levels. The products as well strengthen your immune system. Most of the ingredient from fruits contains vitamin C which promotes a healthy immune system.  The products contain folate which supports a healthy circulation, the risk of stroke, depression and birth defects.

Juice Plus Compensation plan

juice plus compensation plan

The company has a fair compensation plan though just like any other multi-level marketing company.

Its compensation plan consists of seven positions.

There are four ways to earn money from selling juice plus products. You earn through Retail sale profit, Commission, bonuses and Benefits. With retail sale profit you earn a profit of $21 after your sales as a distributor you get 101 points.

Once you accumulate 2000 points you become a Direct Distributor (DD) and you receive a commission of 6%. When you get 6000 points you reach at a position of Virtual Franchisee (VF) where you earn a commission of 14%. With 12000 points you become a Sales Coordinator (SC) with a commission of 22%. This is the maximum commission. This means at the remaining ranks of senior sales coordinator, Qualifying National Marketing Director and National Marketing Director you earn the same commission as the Sales Coordinator that is 22%.

You also earn through bonuses as performance bonuses. As a Virtual Franchisee you earn 5% bonus but in case you reach this position within 60 days you are added $250. Those that are Sales Coordinators also earn 5% but in case you attain this rank within a period of 6 months, you are awarded an addition bonus of $500. As a Senior Sales Coordinator you get a 5% bonus but again if you reach this position within one year you are given an addition bonus of $1000. For the Qualifying National Marketing Director and the National Marketing Director positions you only earn 5% bonus.

In addition to the normal bonuses, there is also what is called Promote out Bonus and Business Incentive Bonus. With promote out bonus, those in the positions from Sales Coordinator to the National Marketing Director receive 4% bonus. With Business incentive bonus which has to do with expense, a senior sales coordinator receives 20% bonus up to $500 while Qualifying National Marketing Director receives 20% up to $1000 and a National Marketing Director receives 20% up to $3000.

Finally when you sell the juice plus products you are guaranteed benefits. Only the National Marketing Director receives benefits package. The package takes care of health, vision, dental, disability among others.

Juice Plus Review – Is it Legit?

Is Juice plus a scam?

I would think their years of business would answer that pretty quickly

No, they are not a scam and have been one of the better MLM companies for years

But I’m afraid with the rise of Beachbody and other Health MLMs

Juice is no longer one of the top healthy MLM companies

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