IT Works Review – Is It Legit?

It Works Review

It Works has been very popular recently and a lot of people are wondering if it’s legit…  Here is my It Works Review and it should have everything you need to make an educated decision on if you should become an It Works Distributor.

It Works Review

Everybody likes to be fit, everybody likes to have good looks, and everybody likes to stay healthy. Though it is a desire for everyone, only very few take necessary steps towards their goal. Some people look for natural ways and exercises to reach their goals. While others look for body and skin care products to make easier.

One such company that provides a variety of products for beauty and health is IT Works.  This Company provides products to reduce your weight, tighten your face, brighten your face, to keep you healthy and much more. After the success of their first product, the ultimate body applicator. Many people started purchasing their other products for body, skin, and health with positive results. These products not only gave good results but they occurred in less time when compared to similar kind of other brands.  So, if you are trying to reduce your weight, stress, or get energized, or to regulate your digestive system or get your skin tightened up, then try IT Works.

It Works Company Information

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IT Works which was started in 2001 is now getting popular throughout the world. Mark and Cindy who started the company to aid themselves financially is now providing a variety of health and beauty care products.

The first product introduced by this company is the ultimate body applicator in 2001. The product helped people to lose weight easily and saw a great success. This made Mark and it works distributorCindy introduce other health products. Luis who is the formulator of the company and a friend of Mark had great passion in the research of skin care. This led him to be a product development specialist in the company.

They were able to introduce various other products like a fat fighter, body gel, food supplements and so on. Their popularity helped them to expand their company and products to Australia, Denmark, France and various parts of the world.

Today, it has grown as a prominent direct sales company or an MLM Company.

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It Works Products Available

it works products

IT Works provides a variety of products:

Body:  There are three different products in this category.

Gel: This gel is to be used only in specific parts of the body such as legs, abdomen and upper arms. It hydrates and softens the skin providing a good texture to it.

Ultimate Body Applicator: It is a nonwoven cloth wrap infused in botanical based cream. This tightens tones and improves the texture of the skin. This simple to use product provides an ultimate result in just 45 minutes.

Fab Wrap: This wrap is made of soft and hypo allergenic foam which helps to make sure that the ultimate body applicator fits well in place.

Skin: There are lots of products under this category. One can find facial creams, cleanser, toner, lip and eye care, stretch mark remover, and much more suitable for one’s skin.

Greens: This category includes a lot of products underneath it. The products come as a powder or chewable one which provides a lot of health benefits to our body. The products are made of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that cleanse our body naturally.

Lifestyle: Lifestyle category includes tons of products. Some of them are available as shakes, probiotic, fat fighter, omega3 and nutrition packs. These are wonderful supplements.

Essential Oils: It is necessary for one to cool them after a tiresome day or before bed. There are different kinds of Essential oils to soothe one. Lavender oil, Tea tree oil, coconut oil are some of the essential oils that are available with IT Works

Apart from the products that help to energize and make the body fit, there are also apparels and accessories that make one look good and trendy.

It Works Pay Scale:

This wouldn’t be a good It Works review if I didn’t talk about the It Works pay scale.

So, with such a lot of products with IT Works don’t you think that you get to earn with them? Yes, if you are really finding a way to improve yourself financially then multi level marketing may be the one you can opt for with IT Works. It is simple as it involves only connecting with people.

Here is the It Works pay information on how you can get the competition for your work. Rewards and bonuses vary based on whom you connect with the company.

Retail customers: When you connect a retail customer and make a sale with them, you will get the individual markup which is the difference between the wholesale price of the product and the recommended retail price.

Loyal customers: Customers who remain with IT Works for a minimum of three months are called loyal customers. You are subjected to earn commission for every sale they make.

When you make 2 loyal customers you can get a pack of wraps for a less

When you make 4 loyal customers you are eligible for various bonuses.

If you make 60 loyal customers you get a bonus of $500.

Distributors: members of your team who completes the distributor process and starts his own team and business are distributors. You will receive commissions for the entire sales he makes.

You get a fast start bonus with every distributor you personally establish.

It Works Review Verdict

Though IT Works Products are popular worldwide and has sold a lot of products over the years.

But is it the best MLM Company?

Based on my years in MLM companies, I don’t believe so

I’ve seen to many people join with high hopes…

That are quickly dashed and they only last a few months with even fewer sales


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