Amway Review – Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Amway Review

When you think of multi-level marketing, Amway is probably one of the first names that come to your mind. They are one of the oldest MLM companies and have a really good reputation.  But are they the best MLM to join now?  Check out this Amway review to find out.

Amway Review

Amway is one of the largest retailers of quality and reliable healthy, home care and beauty product. Their product is distinct highly accepted by many to for its maximum benefit. Most of this product is recommended by doctors and other health experts since they are environment-friendly and effective in all environments.

The company primarily focus on the exact needs of the users in order to deliver to their best. Amway Company always conducts extensive research service in order to meet the ever changing needs of their users, this is result in the different variety of product for its client. Each individual who as ever acquires a product in Amway is usual thankful, excited and willing to come back for more due to their professional service delivery.

Amway Company Overview

They are a worldwide multi-level marketing business founded on November 9, 1959, by Richard Davos and Jay Van Andel. Amway is an abbreviation of the American way. The company is a worldwide business with several offices in the world with its headquarters in Ada, Michigan united states.

In 2006 the company reported a revenue of US$8.8 billion dollars. There are more than 23000 employees all over the world working in the Amway Company. Among the countries where Amway company trade includes Australia, UK, China, and Japan.

The company uses the network marketing in its sales where the consumers get some commission by selling their product to a client. Amway conducts business through a number of affiliated companies in many countries in the world. Most of the Amway product is manufactured in the company Amway Corporation. These manufacturing firms were acquired by Amway through purchase.

Amway Products

amway products

These deal with the everyday product that each person has to use in everyday activities.  Most of this product is healthy, home care and beauty. They range in different varieties, size, and quality.

For instance, Nutriway branded as Nutrilite is one of its best-selling product in the market. Nutrilite contain all the nutrient and supplement that are required by your body thus making you active and healthy. XS is their best energy drink that boosts your body energy level. It is rich in proteins and vitamins in order to make your healthy and resistant to pathogens.

In the section of beauty and body, Artistry is one of the best-selling product. Artistry is basically used to nourish your skin tone. Artistry is suitable for your hair, face, and body for a fabulous result. Many people all over the world prefer Artist because of it as no side effects.

Sanitigue is among the top five best-selling hair treatment product from Amway.  It is rich in all nutrient required by your body. It can supplement all the shampoo and conditioners for stronger hair that shine all time.

Glister their best mouth care product. The product can act as the toothpaste, rinse and refresher spray thus there is no need of purchasing several products in order to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

Amway Compensation Plan

amway compensation plan

Immediate Income – This is the income that you earn by selling the product to your customers directly at a price higher than that you acquire from your upline or the sponsoring IBO. Each IBO is entitled to determine independently the prices at which they sell products to other customers.

Performance Bonus – This is the amount earned from a monthly performance. It is always estimated the sales volume which is tracked by point value (PV) and business volume (BV)

Founders Platinum – This is the amount that you receive after 12 months and have granted 108,000 total PV. You will be eligible to receive 25% of the performance bonus

25% Sponsor – You will be eligible for 255 sponsor bonus if you register North American silver producer or platinum

Silver Producer – You can qualify as a Silver Producer if you achieve manage to generate any Award Volume of at least 7,500 PV, or Register or foster-register one North American group. You will qualify for 25% Performance Bonus level

Gold Producer – You can qualify as a Gold Producer if you attain; qualified Silver Producer or platinum. You will receive several rewards including, 25% Performance Bonus and A Gold Producer pin. You will also get an opportunity to be acknowledged in an IBO publication.

Platinum Producer – Platinum is considered as a peak in Amway since they are leaders of their group. You are responsible for training, supply and motivation of your group, in short, you are a entering a new phase in your business. There are three ways to become platinum, either by   Generating Award Volume of at least 7,500 PV or Generate Award Volume of at least 2,500 PV and register or foster-register one North American group that qualifies at the 25% Performance Bonus level. You can also register or foster-register 2 North American groups that qualify at the 25% Performance Bonus level.

Amway contribution – Amway has contributed in various castor of the 1990s Amway was a major contributor to the Republican Party. It also contributed in the fund raisings and home distributor.  Many sources have commented on the promotion of Christianity through Amway Company. Several magazines illustrate the strong mutual relationship between Christianity and Amway.

Amway Review – The Verdict

Amway has such a huge variety of products…

Some would consider to many for someone that is new to network marketing

The training is also limited for beginners

So I would say that Amway is legit, but not my recommendation

My personal recommendation (Perfect for Beginners)…

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