Ambit Energy Consultant Review – Is it a Pyramid Scheme or Scam?

ambit energy review

Energy is big business throughout the world. Ambit Energy is looking to capitalize on this business by utilizing an MLM structure.  They have recently had some success with this approach, but are they a legit opportunity for you?  This Ambit Energy consultant review will help you decide if this is a good option or a scam.

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Ambit Energy Consultant Review


Ambit Energy is a young company to provide electric and gas services into 14 States in the USA. The main stakeholders and cofounder are Jere Thompson and Chris Chambles. This a Multi-Level Marketing company using consultants networks to retail goods that today, the firm earn more than billion dollars of turnovers every year.

ambit energy products

Ambit Energy is located in Dallas, Texas and the geographical area is fixed in just 14 statesin USA, that’s to say, power and natural gas are only available in such place. Since it has started business in 2006, the firm increases their income to $2 Million in 2008, then added hundred multiplications of $325 Million in 2009. This figure pushes the company into the selection magazine of Fortune 500 company reference to America.

Their ambition is to be the cleanest and the most respected energy retailer in United States. According to the founder’s, energy providers face the challenges today that’s why they perform many ranges of management tools, training and solutions to maintain strong activity. Their management systems place the company into the logical reference to provide energy and electrical solutions in a defined location.

Ambit Energy Products

Ambit Energy provides power and natural gas packages where their products are available. They offer solution in three categories of services, electrical, natural gas providers, solar energy and green e-plans.

The most important value systems they can offer to their consultants are the education consuming to change human behavior, to avoid waste energy and to adopt sustainable management for individual’s consumption. A little incentive are done for consultants which make efforts to reduce energy consumption.

In addition they offer annual package of product such as power maxes 12 and one to three year electrical services. As they promote green energy, they also offer a star package for monthly basis and solar power in the targeted area. Products are available only from the consultants and their network.

Ambit Energy Compensation plan

The benefits of Multi-Level Marketing strategy give motivation fees for developers. Each person that is interested to take part in the business expansion of Ambit Energy becomes a consultant. The compensation plan consists of giving a certain amount of subscription fee $75, and additional fee of $24.95 to cover internet access per month.

Instead of me trying to explain the Ambit Energy Compensation plan, check out this video with the details

I have to warn you though, it’s very biased


Ambit Energy Review – The Verdict


Overall, Ambit Energy is NOT a pyramid scheme or scam…

It’s a legit business and has been in the marketplace for a while now.

Not to mention, they have made over a billion dollars and branching out to more parts of the US each year.

The good thing is everyone buys energy and there isn’t ton of competition…

The bad thing is that the compensation plan isn’t very strong…

The bonuses are pretty good, but the monthly residual payouts are not competitive to other MLM companies.

You can only market this in the states that are open for business.

So if you came on this blog post and looking for something that works worldwide with no restrictions…

This is not the right option for you…


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