Advocare Review – Is It Legit?


MLM is short for multi-level marketing. Many companies in the last years started using this type of marketing strategy. One of the most successful companies that made a brand name for their business using this type of marketing is Advocare. Here is our Advocare review.

Advocare Company Overview

AdvocareAdvocare is one of the most well-known multi-level marketing company in America that offers many products for health and fitness management, products for improving the performance of athletes. Quality dietary supplements for many purposes are offered by this company.

Because of the multi marketing strategy this business implemented in the company, aside from offering health products, this company also offers a chance for people that are interested in getting some extra income. To be able to do that, a person can become a distributor of Advocare’s products.

In the years Advocare has grown and expanded their business and made their name as an MLM company, a brand. Nowadays this business has about 60 thousand of distributors in all the states of America.

Advocare Review

This business offers dietary supplements to help their customers achieve their body goals and improve their lifestyle when it comes to health and fitness. Advocare offers different types of dietary supplements and products for health, categorized in several groups.

For customers that require solutions for managing a healthy weight, Advocare offers Trim products that can benefit the customers on weight related issues and helping the customers to obtain the healthy weight. The Trim products may have different weight benefits depending on the product chosen. From support of digestion and intestinal issues, management of appetite, nutrients as vitamins and minerals, preservation of the muscle mass, improvement of the metabolism, support for calorie burning, and long-lasting energy.

For customers that already have a more active lifestyle, there are Advocare’s Active products that to help the customers reach higher energy levels and get nutrition when the customers are on the go.  These products like the Advocare Spark energy drink, specially offered for active people can provide daily and sustained energy for people no matter of where they are or what are they doing.

Advocare also offers so called Well products, to help people have balanced diet and improve their health. These Well products can be purchased in a liquid form, chewable form, powder, or tablet form, offering the customers to benefit from their use and to not experience any kind of health issues. The Well product can help the customers achieve health on many levels as cardiovascular support, joint and bone health, health of the urinary tract and bladder, health of the respiratory system, internal balance, improved night sleep, metabolic activity on a higher level, better and healthy aging, repair of the muscles, support on the immune system, cellular repair, and much more benefiting effects on the health.

Advocare also offers products for people that are professional athletes or they want to improve their performances as athletes legally without affecting their careers. For this purpose, this company has Performance Elite products available in many different forms and offering optimate the body performance and functions of the athletes. These products can be purchased as powders, gels, or liquids, helping to balance the electrolytes, get energy sustained, to increase the muscle building and the recovery of the muscles, to improve the stamina, and to learn more muscle mass.

Other than products for more healthy body lifestyle, Advocare also offers cosmetic skin products. There are various types of skin products offered by this company to help improve the health of the skin and better the skin’s appearance. All of the Advocare’s skin products are completely hypoallergenic and they certainly target specific areas to bring the best skin improvement.

To complete the healthy lifestyle using this company’s product the best way is to combine them with exercises. Advocare offers series of workouts for beginners and advanced, helping them get the best achievements and reach their health goals.

Advocare Products

Advocare products

As described before this company offers various dietary supplements for changing unhealthy lifestyle or improving already active lifestyle.

  • MNS is a multi-nutrient dietary supplement. This product focuses on your energy, wellness state, and appetite control, managing your weight balance.
  • AdvoCare Slim is a vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement for energy and metabolic enhancement and suppression of the appetite.
  • Advocare Spark energy drink is a sugar free energy supplement
  • The Catalyst is an amino acid dietary supplement that provides amino acids and L-glutamine as a body fuel, combining the acids with muscle building components.
  • Meal Replacement Shake is a quick to prepare and a tasteful nutrition substitute for a meal that delivers the right amount of fiber, protein, and carbohydrates to your body.
  • ThermoPlus is a vitamin and herbal supplement that has botanical extracts that help to manage the appetite and improve the metabolism’s efficiency.
  • Spark Stick Packs is a vitamin and amino acid supplement for delivery energy and to enhance mental focus with containing 20 different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.
  • Advocare Rehydrate is an electrolyte replacement drink mix for restoring minerals and electrolytes after exercises, using vitamins and minerals in the mix.
  • Coffeccino is a vitamin and nutrient supplement with the flavor of a mocha that helps for managing the appetite while providing energy for the body and mental focus.
  • AdvoBar is a nutrition bar for on the go snacks, to help the customers stay on the healthy road. This nutrition bar can be found in different flavors as chocolate, peanut-butter, apple-cinnamon or peach.
  • Muscle Gain is a performance protein shake mix for that feeds the muscles with components they need for gaining mass.
  • Arginine Extreme is a multi-nutrient supplement that is for using before workouts to increase the stamina and muscle endurance.
  • Post Workout Recovery is a sports performance drink mix that is for taking it after workouts to minimize muscle soreness and aids in building the muscles.
  • Muscle Strength is a dietary supplement with HMB and SUMA for repairing lean muscle mass and enhances the muscle growth.

Advocare Compensation Plan

If someone wants to become an Advocare distributor and earn extra income, then they must buy the special distributor kit. This distributor kit contains the full box of Advocare supplements plus basic supplies need for the distributing business.Advocare Compensation Plan

The compensation plan offers 5 different ways to make money in Advocare. Earning income based on organizational volume, about 7% of the business value. And, by paid trips and paid-period bonuses.

With purchasing the Advocare kit for distributors, the compensation of the distributor depends on the sells sold in 2 weeks of time. More money the distributor makes selling the Advocare products, his commission will be larger.

Becoming an advisor in Advocare means the distributor will make about 40% on all sales made by him.  The fastest way to earning more income in Advocare is by becoming an advisor.

Higher position than an advisor and certainly more paid is to build up your way up in Advocare as a leader of your own team of advisors and distributors. Becoming Advocare leader gets 7% bonus of every sale that every one of the distributors and advisors makes. Bigger team leads the Advocare leader to the Override bonuses.

Advocare Review – The Verdict

Is Advocare a scam?

I would think their years of business would this quickly

No, they are not a scam and have been one of the better MLM companies for years

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